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April 2011

Dear {Friend},

There is really no such thing as a desert “wasteland.” The desert is a fragile ecosystem, teaming with life. Darren Gruetze has learned this first-hand through his four seasons with SCA’s Desert Restoration Corps. This month, we invite you to see the desert through his eyes.

You’ll also want to check out the great home-grown video from an SCA trail crew, as well as our April video picks, including baby eagles and the Aurora Borealis!

—Deb Keller, Editor

Desert Restoration Healing the Earth...and Me
by Darren Gruetze
For the past four years I have worked to restore the desert. I keep coming back because of the phenomenal work we do. more »
Beautiful Trail It’s a Beautiful Trail
Yes, folks, they build trails and they sing and dance. If you've ever wondered what an SCA trail crew actually does, this music video is for you. more »
Earth Day 2011 SCA Earth Day
From Seattle to DC, SCA volunteers gathered on public lands and urban green spaces to remove gnarly invasives, plant community gardens, drain boggy places, and affirm their love of the land. more »
Feeding Eaglet Videos We’re Watching
This month: View clips from the hugely popular live feed of hatchling eaglets, the Aurora Borealis from a flight over the North Pole, and the video contest winner that beat SCA's submission. more »
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