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July 2012

Dear {Friend},

This month you can experience SCA life in the field without even leaving home, thanks to our Follow Me bloggers.

Follow SCA/NPS Academy member Carlos De La Torre through Grand Teton National Park, Stacey Torigoe across the Harding Icefield in Kenai National Park, and others at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota and the forests of New Hampshire at followme.thesca.org. Their stories are the next-best thing to being there.

For those who prefer ocean waves to forests, we’ve got a real treat – you can join SCA at the US Open of Surfing, at Huntington Beach, CA. SCA will be hosting a beach cleanup, cheering on spokesperson and pro surfer Lakey Peterson, and giving away a surf weekend with Lakey. Learn the contest details and register today.

Carlos De La Torre Experience, the Real Life Teacher
by Carlos De La Torre, ’12
“Experience is everything, ranging from surviving skills in wild expeditions to work experience in different areas of interest.” more »
Lakey face95 Get Onboard with SCA and Lakey at Surf City
“I’m super excited about welcoming my fellow SCA volunteers to the US Open of Surfing because when it comes to protecting nature, we all need to get on board,” more »
Stacey Torigoe At the End of the World
by Stacey Kehaulani Torigoe, ’12
“Our crew braved rain, cold, and biting katabatic winds from over the Harding Icefield to flag the route through the crumbly rock and snow. It was cold enough for a dusting of fresh snow on the mountaintops just above us—in July.” more »
Piping Plover Baby The Plight of the Piping Plover
by Theresa L. Conn, ’11
“I was walking cautiously aong the beach with three shorebird biologists, looking for signs of Piping Plovers (threatened shorebirds that nest all over Cape Cod.) ‘Theresa, freeze!’ yelled Dennis, my supervisor.” more »
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