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Sandy Recovery Opportunity for local NY/NJ youth (age 18-25). Apply by May 24.

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Hands On eNewsletter — May 2013

Dear {Friend},

The Million Dollar Challenge is on! We need to raise $500,000 for our students and our parks by May 31st. Your support will send 1,400 students into national and local parks over the next year, protecting these extraordinary places tree by tree and trail by trail.

Every dollar you give will impact both our land and our youth. That’s an investment in both America’s parks and America’s future!

Need another reason to give? Just read the member and alumni stories below. They show the power of SCA to turn a young person from a park visitor to a park advocate, from a student to a future conservation leader.

Help young people address the conservation challenges of the future. Help SCA meet the Million Dollar Challenge today.

Jay Carter Preserve the Power of America’s Parks
America’s parks have an eloquent champion in Jay Carter. As featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jay’s path from local SCA volunteer to Haleakala National Park is a compelling vote for preserving our parks. More »
JB Brimer working Follow Me: Water Isn’t Sorry...
by Justin "JB" Brimer, ’10, ’13
Follow JB as he builds trails in the Allegheny National Forest and reflects on his love/hate relationship with rain and water. More »
South by SouthWest ECO Vote for SCA at SxSW
SCA needs your vote to become one of the featured presenters at South by Southwest ECO. Help us make sure that the youth voice is represented! More »
Cristina Shoffner A Student’s Journey
Cristina Shoffner fell in love with nature at an early age, but her time in Grand Teton NP with SCA’s NPS Academy transformed her from visitor to advocate. Read the National Parks Traveler article. More »
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