September 22, 2016

California Condor

Death of a Condor

Why are Zion’s critically endangered California condors still dying of lead poisoning? Follow SCA’s Kiara Serantes as she hunts for an answer.
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Canyon de Chelly Navajo crew

Culture of the Canyon

The SCA crew at Canyon de Chelly is conserving land and sharing Navajo culture: “As his song echoed from the cliffs and Ancient Puebloan ruins, many silently wept."

Pollinator Puppet video

Pollinator Puppets

Learn everything you need to know about pollinators from the adorable paper puppets in this educational video created by SCA’s NYS Excelsior Conservation Corps.

Buzzing mosquitos at Katmai

Unbearable Bugginess

Katmai National Park is famous for its bears, but it’s the bugs you really have to beware. Learn how to best endure the swarms from SCA’s David Kopshever.

San Mateo GIS crew

Teen Techies

The teenagers on our San Mateo GIS crew take turns leading projects that use satellite technology to map trails and invasive plants in California parks. 

Don't Forget...

Did you know that SCA has placed more than 8,500 young women and men on the ground at more than 600 project sites this year? Your support helps ensure that our most prized natural treasures thrive for another 100 years! Donate Now

Great opportunity for Post 9/11 US Military Vets. Learn more about SCA's Gulf Veterans Fire Corps for training and transitioning.

Check out all the great service opportunities in NYC! Positions are added throughout the year, so fill out an app and check back often!

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